Universal Design Services

In some ways, Universal Design is like Aging In Place, but it encompasses a great deal more.

Universal Design creates living spaces that work well for people across a broad spectrum of age and ability.

It sometimes is referred to as “accessible design” or “barrier-free design.”  When done right, it is invisible and inclusive, producing environments that are inviting to all and doesn’t disadvantage anyone.

In short, Universal Design is Good Design.

Examples of how Universal Design might be put into practice include:

  • 36” inch doors to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers
  • levers instead of knobs for doors
  • step-free entryways into the home
  • curb-free shower stalls that also include a built-in seat and slip-resistant flooring
  • doorbells that not only ring but flash a light
  • low-pile carpeting that reduces the chance of tripping
  • vertical pantries with pull-out shelving
  • motion-activated lights
  • microwaves placed at counter or lower level

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