Residential & Commercial Interior Design Services

Interior Design Consulting

Initial design consultation: 90 minutes. Together, we go through your home, evaluating your wants and needs, and setting priorities. Madani Interiors will then provide a report that outlines a hierarchy of work to be done, and determining what you can do within your budget.

Commercial Full Service Design

Madani Interiors creates the floorplan, including flooring, wall covering, cabinetry, countertops, and furniture. We then will purchase all products and oversee the installation.

Remodeling Interior Spaces

Madani Interiors will evaluate your space for design, efficiency, and flow, taking into account how you and your family use your spaces. Depending on your priorities, remodeling recommendations might include such elements as:

  • Modifications to kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms
  • Adding architectural details such as crown moldings, for greater visual impact
  • Converting current space designations for more effective use (such as turning an unused living room into a home office)
  • Widening doorways and moving or removing walls, for improved flow throughout the house

Remodeling Exterior Spaces

Madani Interiors will also update the entrances to your home:

  • Adding handrails to make walkways manageable
  • Adding or modifying lighting for visibility and/or drama
  • Extending space such as adding a walkout porch off of the kitchen or other rooms

Space Planning

Moving to a new home and not sure where and how to use your existing furniture?

Downsizing and have to cut down on the amount of furniture you can bring with you?

Feel like a change in your own home and want to rearrange what you have?

Madani Interiors will measure your new or existing space and then provide you with a floorplan that more effectively lays out your existing furniture

Custom Cabinetry

Often the best way to increase storage is with custom cabinetry designed to fit your specific space and suit your specific needs.  Custom cabinets and built-in shelving can be used in bathrooms, libraries, dens, bedrooms, family rooms, and more.

Working with a master cabinet maker, Madani Interiors will oversee the whole design process, including:

  • Designing the custom cabinetry
  • getting pricing from cabinet makers
  • Meeting with the client and the cabinet maker to select wood type, trim, and stain or paint color
  • Overseeing installation

Window Coverings

Madani Interiors will assess window treatment needs, analyzing the light coming in to a room, the use of the room, and privacy requirements. Potential solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Hard treatments such as wood blinds
  • Shades systems
  • Draperies

Lighting Layout & Selection

Lighting adds a third dimension to your room. Madani Interiors will plan and lay out your lighting, taking into account task lighting needs, desired ambience, and even special lighting for artwork. We will design the lighting plan and then oversee installation, even down to placing the light switches for ease of use.

Furniture Selection

For residential clients, Madani Interiors will bring you to furniture stores, shopping with you in your local area. Madani Interiors will assist in furniture and fabric choices, pulling together the look and ambience you desire along with the comfort, color, and textures that will suit your needs.

For commercial clients, Madani Interiors has full access to the product lines of many manufacturers, including chairs, desks, and cubicles.

Paint Color and Wall Covering Selection

Changing paint color adds new life to a room. Wall coverings can create a focal point with an accent wall, or generate interest in the room with texture.

Madani Interiors considers the space—the activity in the room, the lighting, the desired ambience—and provides paint color and finishes to suit your needs.


Madani Interiors assists clients who are moving to a smaller home. Services include:

  • Evaluating existing furniture, accessories, and artwork
  • Identifying the “keepers”
  • Visiting the new home and creating a floor plan for the “keeper” furniture
  • Deciding if and what new furniture may be needed

Madani Interiors can also work remotely. Contact Linda for more details.

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