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Linda Madani, ASID, has been a full service interior designer for over 25 years, including 20 years as the successful owner of Madani Interiors. Working in residential as well as commercial spaces, she takes pride in matching her talents to the particular needs of the job.

From new construction to add-ons and renovations, from professional office settings to small business offices, from complete technical plans to simple color scheme consultations, Linda sees her mission as helping the client achieve a living or working space that is best suited to their needs. Her finished designs are both functional and individually attuned.

Linda delights in finding ways to add touches that reflect the personality of the client in unique and unexpected ways.

We feel very fortunate to have had Linda consult on several of our house projects. Her years of experience, approachable personality and manner, and unique sense of style and sophistication result in an innate ability to rapidly understand our taste and needs and steer us in the right direction.  In each case, the results of her  touch were far beyond our expectations. I cant wait to call on her expertise again!

Fiona and Griff H.

Complete or partial renovation of a home or room or just cosmetic decorative changes in decor, color, and accessories can be and often is fraught with decorating indecisions, cost concerns, and starting points.  It can be overwhelming.  It is a process that can result in regrets and costly mistakes that might not be easily undone.

Enter Linda.  Linda is an experienced interior designer who works collaboratively with her clients (WHO WILL WORK COLLABORATIVELY WITH YOU)  to ensure that they are satisfied with the results…. continued below

Elaine T.

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Her ability to help her client navigate the process with ensures a desired outcome and satisfied client.  From her initial consultation, she puts her client at ease with her relaxed, calm manner.  She listens attentively to her client’s needs and wishes and elicits information about tastes, preferences, life style and in the process  helps them to clarify their (HOW YOU SEE THE FINISHED ROOM) vision (by asking about their life style and needs, personal tastes),  and the way a specific room or rooms will be used.  She takes note of the architectural elements of the house or room and incorporates these important elements into what her client wants and envisions as a finished product and considers these in planning and designing an environment to suit her client.

Linda also works collaboratively with contractors and builders to suggest changes that will meet her client’s needs.  For example, placement of windows, outlets, lighting might be suggested to complement a room layout,  design and use.

Throughout the process, Linda never imposes her personal tastes.  She offers suggestions and options that she feels will appeal to her client and also provides sample products for her client to better visualize how they will work in the environment.  Even when she senses that her client may make a choice that may later be regretted, she gently presents alternatives for consideration.

In sum, Linda has the patience, temperament, skills, experience and creative talent to plan, design, and create the environment that her client envisioned.  She works conscientiously to achieve the desired results.  Her easy-going, calm manner and relaxed style create a comfortable, personal working relationship that fosters confidence and a good working relationship.

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